Do you need to set up a new corporation? We can handle the process and get you set up and ready to start your business within a few days.

If you are preparing to start your own business, you should first write a business plan. A good business plan acts as a dynamic blueprint for running and expanding your business. We can prepare this for you!

We also can help you get set up for Sales  and Use Tax. We will prepare the forms for you on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Tax Services

All of our tax preparers are certified and participate in continuing educations courses annually. We are up to date with all the new tax laws and changes. 

We specialize in Personal, S-Corporation,

C-Corporation, Partnership, Estate & Trust, and State, and Amended Income Tax Returns.

Our company handles all tax issues that you may have from letters to Audits.

Payroll and Bookkeeping


Do you need to know the net pay for your employees? We can help you!

Our company can prepare your quarterly payroll forms as well as paychecks for your employees. 

Starting a new business or in need of some help with your bookkeeping? We handle all sorts of bookkeeping services.

​Most of our services are preformed at your office or online based from our office.  

Insurance Advisory


Are you in need for insurance? We can provide you with Life and Health Insurance for individuals and/or businesses.

Do you need retirement plans for individuals or businesses? Did you know that some retirement plans can help reduce your income taxes?

We have plans that are safe and risk free that grow at a fixed rates. We can get you any insurance policy that fits your needs.   

Miscellaneous Services 

Do you need a Florida Public Notary for any documents that need to be notarized and/or witnessed? We are Bonded and Insured

Need assistance in your office with administration services? We have reliable and professional individuals that can help you. 


Need marketing or a website? We can help you with that also.

Wills & Trusts

Every person should prepare for the future of their loved ones. The fact of knowing that if anything happens, your wishes will be taken care of. 

We have an attorney that can prepare all of your legal documents, to insure your situation is taken care of for your family.

The Attorney's firm  will prepare all the necessary forms that you need and we can finish the process right in the comfort of your own home or business. 

Practice Areas